Quick Start

Last updated: July 15th, 2017


Wiredness Hardware Monitor uses Open Hardware Monitor installed on your PC to track the status of your hardware.

Download Open Hardware Monitor and install by unpacking the zip archive and running OpenHardwareMonitor.exe with administrator rights.

Download Open Hardware Monitor


Open Hardware Monitor contains a remote web server which allows the mobile application to connect to your PC and access the current hardware statistics. This needs to be enabled first in order for the application to work.

Step One - Start Web Server

Enable the Open Hardware Monitor Remote Web Server by clicking Options > Remote Web Server > Run.

Step Two - Test Web Server

View the Remote Web Server settings by clicking Options -> Remote Web Server > Port.

Click on the link displayed on the Set Port screen. If setup successfully the Open Hardware Monitor web page should open as below:

Step Three - Setup Wiredness Hardware Monitor

On the settings screen of Wiredness Hardware Monitor enter the IP address of your PC and hit the Save button.

Your IP address is displayed in the link on the Set Port screen of Open Hardware Monitor. In the screenshot above it is

The port defaults to 8085.


Wiredness Hardware Monitor needs to be connected to the same WIFI network as your PC in order to connect and retrieve statistics. Click the connect button in the application to start monitoring and graphing your PC status.

NOTE: The application will keep the screen unlocked while open. It will keep monitoring your PC status in the background if you hide the application. Make sure you click the Disconnect button when you are finished monitoring your PC to prevent draining your device's battery.